Saturday, 8 October 2011

tears please let it goes down..

every time i felt angry,sad and some sort of feeling ....i will crying..because crying makes me relief...
i went to bath and crying as much as i can.. 

but ''now'' my tears don't want to goes down.. 
maybe i too tired.. to cry heart seems have turned into a stone.. i'm cool.. no more sense of humanity...

i'm too tired to face it anymore..
to face that everyone i love leave me...

i'm tired to face everyone ..
who always misunderstanding me..
who always insult me...
torture me...
look down on me..

enough!! i'm not too strong to face all this..
i just human being..
from i being a kids until now...people always look down on me..
insult me...

just give me a space..if u hate me.. begging you...
leave me alone..leave me in peace..

just because my physical loo doesn't means you can deny my right..
you can insult me as much as you want...

im too tired.. just i comfort my mind and my heart that..
this is all about the God presumption.. 

need to be patient for a small of time more..

do no why..i'm stressful in college.. seems like everything ..everyone make me angry.. i stuck there.. i always pray time will go i don't need to face them again.. everything i do seems wrong on their side.. never mind..i just want to admit..

 i really2.. REGRET enter ''here''.. if... if i defense on what i want i wont be here.. this is my real feeling.. i cannot denied it anymore.. all this time i convince my heart that this is the best option come here.. maybe there are ''something'' for me here.. this is all about the fate.. maybe GOD have something for me here.. but i don't see any relevance answer right now.. 

seems like im not grateful right? but this is what i feel deep pretending ''happy'' ...pretending ''smile'' ..pretending to be good..actually this is not me.. what do u feel if have to learn something u don't expected to? something not cross in your mind at all..something differ from your interest..   

every second..every minutes i pray the time will run fast so i can get out from here..
i push..and push myself this is the best decision.. something for me in future..
but when i realize this is wrong.. it's too late for me too fix it..

i dont feel people comfortable with me..
i dont feel i have a friends here...
infact i do not know which one is my friend..

God please help me by your guidance...
im just want a little bit confident..
i just one a sincere friend..
i just want someone understand me...
just one..


Sunday, 2 October 2011


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